[Video] Navy Seal Vet: “The Truth is, they want to ban every gun in America”


Former Navy SEAL Dom Raso is back with another video hammering politically correct politicians and gun-free zones for leaving everyday Americans vulnerable.

“We need leaders who will get rid of useless gun-free zone laws that give killers a clear advantage over the law-abiding. Leaders who understand the best asset we have to defend ourselves is the freedom of the American people. The longer it takes us to realize it, the more innocent people will die,” Raso passionately pleads in the NRA-produced video, titled “The Threat of Lone Wolf Attacks.

“The Truth is, they want to ban every gun in America.”

He also added, “How do you stop an American citizen from reading Islamic State propaganda, or watching ISIS videos online, and radicalizing and deciding to go shoot everyone in Times Square? That problem is on the president’s desk every single day, and our failure to respond to that problem proves how weak we’ve become. Rather than addressing this obvious threat with simple, clear solutions, like hardening our defenses, getting rid of the dangerous lie of gun-free zones and allowing Americans their Second Amendment rights anywhere inside our borders, the liberal media, PC politicians and Hollywood know-it-alls attack people like me.”


This isn’t the first video Raso has made:


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