VIDEO: Muslims LOSE IT After School Says, “No Sharia in America!”


Islam aims to conquer the world under Sharia Law, so it’s not a surprise when we see Muslim migrants asking to get special treatment on them in every aspect of their life.

And they might get what they want, if Hillary is the President…

Here’s a situation where Muslim community located in Jersey City wanted the schools in the area to close for their religious Muslim Holiday, which was only six days away.

But, the school denied their demands.


Previously, the school board even considered closing the schools on behalf of their Holiday, Eid al-Adha. Almost every member of the board supported the decision to close the school, except the Jewish community.

They vastly opposed this decision and swayed the school board to change its decision. The Jewish community stated that they can’t close the school for their Muslim Holiday since the schools were not closing for their holidays, including Yom Kippur.

or example, schools that aren’t Catholic don’t close for Good Friday because it is a purely religious holiday. Why should they be getting special treatment over others in this country?

Another similar example is not allowing our children to hold prayer circle in schools because it’s “offensive”, but we have to close down the schools for their holidays.

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I mean, it’s not right…

It is clear, if somebody wants to recognize religious holidays in the privacy of your own home, you have every right to, but our institutions cannot cater to you.

What do you think about this? Do you approve this decision to not recognize the Islamic holidays?

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