Video: Muslim Thugs Attack Man … But He Has a DEADLY SURPRISE For Them


Things are very HOT in France these days. I am sure you heard about the terrorist attack few days ago.

According to Clash Daily a new video shows a group of Muslim thugs attacking a man who they do not know has a concealed carry license and a firearm ready to fire.

As Muslim refugees flood into Europe the number of violent attacks has increased.

The spikes have resulted in record demand for guns. France has strict weapon laws, and in the case of the municipal police, it is the mayor that decides whether or not they will can carry a gun.

Trade unions representing members of the municipal police are demanding that all police officers routinely carry a firearm following the recent spate of Islamist terror attacks across the country.

A video has surfaced on the internet and shows French citizens being confronted by alleged North African Muslim immigrants armed with rocks, knives, and bats.


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