VIDEO: Muslim Refugees Attack Frenchman… But He Has a Deadly Surprise For Them…


It is still so surreal that this is happening on the streets of major Western cities.

You can hardly tell parts of Paris from the slums of North Africa or the Middle East these days.

The following video shows an incident of the type that has become far too common in France, Germany and other parts of Europe today.

A gang of Muslim “refugee” thugs has nothing better to do than harass the population of their generous host nation.

They attack a group of French businesspeople with rocks, knives and bats.

But one of the Frenchmen has a deadly surprise for them…

We MUST prevent this from becoming the norm in America.

Trump is right. Unchecked Muslim immigration has wrecked Europe. If we don’t want the same in America, we NEED a strong vetting process.

H/T Vox Tribune

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