VIDEO: Mike Huckabee Has MAJOR WARNING For America – Obama About to Make HUGE Move


The depths of Barack Obama’s corruption are only be revealed now that he’s out of office. And the truth is even worse than we imagined.

Taxpayers’ money was flowing to all kinds of causes important to Obama without the public’s knowledge, and in a VERY illegal manner.

And it still is.

A recent congressional investigation found that huge amounts of money were being put in a “slush fund” and then illegally distributed to ultra-liberal organizations.

Who knows how much of that money found its way back to Obama. And that’s why he’s likely to go NUCLEAR should Mike Huckabee’s recommendation of a full investigation be heeded:

This is a dangerous path to take, but so very necessary if President Trump is serious about “draining the swamp.”

Trump has the courage and the stamina for such a fight. Let’s just pray those around him will get on board and not try to talk him out of finally putting people like the Obama’s where they belong – jail.

H/T American Conservative Herald

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