Video: London mayor encourages his people to riot during Trump’s visit to the UK


Provocative London mayor Sadiq Khan warns President Trump not to come to the U.K. because peace-loving Muslims who represent the religion of peace will have to riot, demonstrate and protest during his visit.

“I think there will be protests,” said the mayor.

Khan says Londoners will protest against Donald Trump’s visit, but adds it would be “probably inappropriate” for him to join in.

It looks like Khan is stirring up hatred again. He really does have to go. He is not fit to be Mayor of London and should be fired immediately.

His remarks are an incitement to create racial tension within the capital and he has now degraded that office, and has stepped outside the bounds of its role as the representative of London.


This is disturbing…

It is obvious that he is inciting hatred towards President Donald Trump and in an outward way, inviting people to protest.

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