Video: Liberals attack Trump for detention centers but wait to see when they found it’s Obama’s


TheDC’s Justin Caruso and Amber Athey take to the streets of D.C. to ask the important questions.

This time? The mainstream media has been quick to blame President Trump for the current crisis at the southern border of the United States, but is that right? President Obama had some border policies that the media has been suspiciously quiet about…

The problem at the border has been an on going problem for years. According to reports, the whistleblower who exposed the Obama administration sending unaccompanied minors to criminal sponsors says there’s no real way being used to verify if adults claiming to be parents are actually related to kids.


Current and former Border Patrol and ICE agents who have worked extensively on human trafficking cases continue to have these concerns. Worse, they’re alarmed the majority of current media coverage is downplaying the smuggling angle.

“You can never really verify who the parents really are,” former Border Patrol and Customs Special Agent Jason Piccolo said during an interview with Townhall. “Especially in light of adult males showing up with kids.”

In 2015, Piccolo blew the whistle on the Obama administration releasing unaccompanied minors to unvetted, criminal sponsors. During that time, he served as the sole ICE and Enforcement and Removal Operations representative to the White House Security Council’s DHS Human Smuggling Cell. It was his job to disrupt or dismantle human smuggling organizations domestically and internationally.

“Without doing some kind of in-depth interview or interrogation or some kind of biometrics [DNA] there’s no way you can tell if the kids are actually family,” he said.

Piccolo explained how adults and children are given fake documents, including birth certificates to “prove” they are “related.”

“They’re given fake documents in order to get through Mexico and a lot of times they’ll give those fake documents back,” he said.

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