Video: Kavanaugh Potesters Caught On Camera Being TRAINED What To Say


Brett Kavanaugh’s fancy sideshow filled with mobs of protesters just became funnier than expected! Some of the protesters were caught on camera being trained on what to say! To top it off, the person who was training them is highly involved as a co-founder of a Bernie Sanders group called the People for Bernie.

Let’s watch the video of the Kavanaugh protesters being trained on what to say, where to go, what to do, etc.

This took place at the Hart Senate building. You can hear the woman telling them what to say, then they were repeating it back to her, practicing for their big moment.

She wasn’t the only person directing the protesters on what to do. It was like there were multiple people training people what to say, telling them where to go, and it seemed more like a coordinated attack on the United States government than a protest.

At one point they were saying “go get him” as a senator walked by. They wanted to harass him and pressure him into voting “no” on Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh was finally confirmed into the Supreme Court after being faced with a circus act of sideshows from the Democratic Party. Everything from gang rape allegations, multiple stories from people with no credible witnesses, and a barrage of protesters at Capitol Hill tried to stop it, but nothing could.

The Democrats did everything they could to push Kavanaugh to step down, beg people to vote no, and delay or prevent the confirmation. The Democrats failed!

Meanwhile, this video might look familiar.

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