VIDEO: It’s SICK what Happened to an Army Guard During Obama’s Farewell Speech


Our troops just can’t stand Obama anymore.

A member of the U.S. Army Honor Guard fainted while Barack Obama was delivering his farewell address to the Armed Forces Wednesday.


Obama said:

“And so, although I recognize that the formalities require me listening to praise directed in large part to me, I want to turn the tables — I am still Commander-in-Chief, so I get to do what I want to do — and I want to thank you. Of all the privileges of this office — and there are many — I will miss Air Force One, I will miss Marine One — (laughter) — but I can stand before you today and say that there has been no greater privilege, and no greater honor, than serving as the Commander-in-Chief of the greatest military in the history of the world.”

Thank God, you are no longer Commander-in-Chief… we want to a president that respects and cares for our troops always not just during his farewell speech.

Obama also added some “thanked” to our military leaders – The president praised Defense Secretary Ash Carter, General Joseph Dunford, General Paul Selva and Vice President Joe Biden during the ceremony.

Let’s not forget what he has done:



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