(Video) Immigrants Create Nightmare In This Sanctuary City


Do you WANT a cholera outbreak? Because this is how you get one.

They wanted to be a sanctuary city and they got it. Not sure the city expected it on the front steps of their City Courthouse though. Here immigrants have their own community and the city allows it.

Shortly before President Trump took office, Santa Ana California passed a law to become a sanctuary city and protect immigrants regardless of their legal status.  A “safe haven for immigrants” is what they wanted, but this is what they got, phasing out a contract to house immigrant detainees for the federal government at its jail.  Instead of a safe haven it appears more like a third world country.

As reported in the New York Times, the left is urging cities to follow Santa Ana’s lead. Too bad The Times is not reporting what it really looks like.

“They should do what Santa Ana, Calif., has done. It is a city of 335,000, in the heart of Orange County, whose City Council has passed one of the boldest and most far-reaching sanctuary ordinances in the state. In a county that has long been known as a haven of white Republicans, Santa Ana is a mixed-race, mixed-income, All-American town. Its population is about 46 percent immigrant, and its mayor and its six City Council members are all Latino.

When the Council gave final approval to its sanctuary ordinance in January, by a 6-to-0 vote, it was the culmination of months of persuasion by residents who feel the force of Mr. Trump’s anti-immigrant threats intimately. They argued that Latino and Asian families, including many unauthorized immigrants with citizen children, have fought for a foothold in this country and deserve to live in safety and peace. They pointed out that using the local police as immigration enforcers takes them away from their primary responsibility, the safety of the community. It wastes crime-fighting resources. It costs too much. And it’s constitutionally dubious for localities to detain people for no other reason than an administrative request from ICE.”

Santa Ana California’s City Council recently passed a resolution directing the City Manager to draw up a $1.3 million budget plan to “improve lighting in the Civic Center area, ensure 24/7 police patrols, hire more security guards, relocate a needle exchange program, power wash regularly and boost staffing for departments that enforce code violations or prosecute crimes.”
A shame that money can’t be spent on it’s legal citizens.


The New York Times

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