VIDEO: Homeless Vet Dies Alone… What happens at his funeral is Incredible…


Stephen Carl Reiman, a 63-year-old Vietnam Navy veteran, died alone (no family and friends) but something incredible happened at his funeral.

Reiman came to Wyoming from a Southern California community for homeless veterans. He served in the Navy from 1971 to 1975, his last post aboard the U.S.S. Long Beach.

Reiman had previously told a VA doctor that he had struggled with PTSD, depression and alcoholism, Jacobson said. Those symptoms worsened when Reiman’s only son died in combat in Iraq, Jacobson said, and Reiman became incapable of working. He depended on the VA for housing, income and health care.

It appeared that Reiman was looking to build a life in Wyoming, that perhaps he had connections here. He had a Wyoming identification card that was issued in 2007, but otherwise there are no clues as to why he ended up in a Sheridan motel.

But before he could build a life here, he was whisked in an ambulance from the motel to Memorial Hospital in Sheridan. He was later transferred to the Wyoming Medical Center in Casper, where he died of an illness on Thursday.

Nobody visited him in the hospital.

Pastor Rob Peterson, a chaplain in the Army National Guard, said he was proud to see so many people show up to honor Reiman.


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