VIDEO: Hillary Says Trump is ‘Sexual Assaulter’. Then She’s Asked About Her Husband’s Behavior — BOOM!


Clinton was finally asked about predator Harvey Weinstein on camera about the incident in a recent interview with BBC.

Clinton initially seemed to condemn Weinstein before attacking President Donald Trump:

“This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere, whether it’s in entertainment, politics. After all, we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office.”

The interviewer immediately noted that Hillary’s husband, Bill, was accused of sexual assault as president. Clinton’s double standards on the issue became clear in her answer:

“That had all been litigated. That was the subject of a huge investigation in the late 90s and there were conclusions drawn. That was clearly in the past.”

The “in the past” must ring hollow for many of Bill Clinton’s still-seething victims, who were a prominent part of the 2016 campaign.

You can watch part of Clinton’s interview below, via BBC.

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