VIDEO: Good Guy With a Gun Stops Bad Guy With a Gun


If Obama had had his way, the Second Amendment would have been repealed (or at least seriously reinterpreted) and no responsible, law-abiding citizen of America would be able to own a gun.

Of course, criminals don’t play by the rules, so they’d still have plenty of guns.

And when you have a heavily armed criminal element that is not countered by responsible armed citizens, well, that’s just asking for trouble.

Yes, the police are there to stop the criminals. But they are outnumbered and don’t have the resources to stop all the criminals.

Take for instance the following video.

An armed gunman enters a bank intent on robbing the place. There’s no telling how violent this guy is, and if he’ll also kill someone along the way.

And while the police may respond, it will be too late to save the lives of his victims.

Fortunately, there was a responsible and ARMED private security guard there, and he took quick action to put down the criminal and save the lives of everyone present.

Still think we should take away everyone’s guns?

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H/T The Federalist

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