VIDEO: G. W. Bush Humiliates Hollywood Celebrities and Honor our Vets in an Unprecedented Way on LIVE TV


President George W. Bush has developed an amazing talent since his days in the White House.

He has learned panting in just 5 years and used his talent to portrait war heroes and veterans.

“Portraits of courage” is an amazing work that will help Veterans “return” to civilian life.

98 portraits that will tell stories of our American heroes.

G. W. Bush used this occasion to SLAM some Hollywood celebrities that are not attacking Trump:

This is what he said to Ellen DeGeneres:

“The art community wasn’t exactly my support when I ran for office.”

I love how G. W. slams stupid liberals with humor.

You can see how Ellen gets nervous (laughing) about what Bush says.

Same thing is happening today, stupid celebrities are attacking Trump, they just don’t get that real people don’t really care about what they say.

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