Video: Fox Cuts to Biden as During His Speech


President Joe Biden’s incoherent rambling has become an almost daily occurrence at this point. Even so, a clip from his speech given in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, on Thursday was stunning even by his standards.

In a clip posted to Twitter by The Post Millennial, a Fox News host explained the network was going to do a live listen-in on Biden’s speech. When it did, Biden was prattling on about “the Ohio Pennsylvania” and “the Illinois president.”

After about 30 seconds of what can only be described as strange rambling, the Fox News host cut away from the disaster and assured viewers the network would continue “monitoring” the speech.

Since Biden took office, some leftists have criticized conservatives for supposedly mocking his stutter or cherry-picking moments from his speeches to make him appear senile.

In this case, however, Fox News was not even discussing a previous blunder from Biden. The network was simply cutting to his speech for a live listen-in, and Biden was spitting out an indiscernible word salad in real-time.

At another point in the speech, the president was trying to describe a phone conversation he apparently had the night before, but he struggled to conjure up the right words to do so.

“You know, if I can digress for a just second, last night I was on the television, on television, I was on the telephone …” Biden stumbled before continuing his anecdote.


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