Video: Finally Army Combat Vet Said What They’re All Missing About the Iran Deal


Trump’s declaration that the U.S. would be leaving the Iran Nuclear Deal sent shockwaves through the World and ruffled feathers not only globally but domestically as well.

Despite the fact that the Obama era deal was widely unpopular when it initially was unilaterally drafted, it appears pundits across the board are coming out of here woodwork to criticise the deal.

One Army Combat Vet however, took the common sense approach that we rarely see these days.

“We have to be able to come to a realization that you don’t make peace with your enemies. You negotiate peace with former enemies, and Iran is not any kind of former enemy.”


It’s simple, you cannot ignore and appease your enemies to make them go away. That is a truth that was lost on the Obama Administration but is not lost to President Trump.

As reported by

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump announced Tuesday the U.S. is pulling out of the landmark international nuclear accord with Iran, declaring he was making the world safer but dealing a profound blow to allies and deepening his isolation on the world stage.

“The United States does not make empty threats,” he said in a televised address from the White House.

Trump said the 2015 agreement, which included Germany, France and Britain, was a “horrible one-sided deal that should never ever have been made.” He added that the United States “will be instituting the highest level of economic sanction.”

Trump’s decision means Iran’s government must now decide whether to follow the U.S. and withdraw or try to salvage what’s left of the deal. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said he was sending his foreign minister to the countries remaining in the accord but warned there was only a short time to negotiate with them and his country could soon “start enriching uranium more than before.”

What are your thoughts? Do you support President Trump’s decision to leave the Iran Nuclear deal?

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