VIDEO: Female Officer Asks People To Get Out Of Road, So They Attack Her With Water Guns


Lubbock, TX – Two Lubbock police officers were assaulted during a massive neighborhood water fight that left property damaged and unwilling passersby drenched, police said (video below).

The event, which was referred to as the “East Side Water Wars: The Purge,” was scheduled to last from 1 p.m. until 10 p.m., KCBD reported.

During the melee, Lubbock police officers responded to at least 58 calls for service, Chief Greg Stevens said in a press release on Monday.

Some callers reported that participants in the water fight were blocking the roadways, while others complained that they had unwillingly been hit by water balloons and “super soaker type water guns,” Chief Stevens explained.

“Specifically, we received at least one report of a windshield cracked and several people being unwittingly drenched as they drove or walked down the street,” he added. The department was inundated with calls, leaving some reports languishing in queue.

“Officers responding to the numerous calls for service early in the day were met with courtesy and cooperation from participants they encountered as they requested them to only engage with other participants and stay out of the roadways,” Chief Stevens said.

That all changed at approximately 7 p.m., when two officers who were preparing to go on shift responded to reports that people were blocking traffic and throwing water balloons at vehicles, KCBD reported.

“They responded to the call on their way to work because the call had been holding for some time because other officers were not available to respond,” Chief Stevens explained.

According to a police report, a female officer told the crowd to have fun, but asked them to stay out of the road, KCBD reported. Someone sprayed her in the back with a water gun as she was walking back to her patrol vehicle, then several other individuals followed suit. The officer was pelted with water balloons and was then shoved by a male as he ran by.

A now-viral cell phone video captured the moment that the officer spun around and began chasing one of the water wars participants.


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