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VIDEO: Farmer smashes through migrants’ tents with his TRACTOR after they set up camp on his fields


A Greek farmer enraged at refugees tenting on his land has been filmed ploughing through their campsite with his tractor.

Claiming he needed to prepare the land for his cows, farmer Lazaros Oulis turned the field in Idomeni, Greece into soft soil while dozens of migrants stood by watching.

The land, which Mr Oulis owns, is located in the Idomeni campsite where refugees have for months gathered in the hope the nearby border to Macedonia will be reopened.

Mr Oulis said: ‘I need to plow my field. Not somebody else’s field, mine! I have a business with 70-80 calves, I want to produce (food for them), feed them, because, financially, I can’t take this anymore.

‘I told some NGOs here that I would give them a couple of acres so they could build two large sheds and I could save the rest of my field, nobody paid attention to me.

‘I don’t have a problem with the (refugee) families, no problem at all. I could have been in their place. But I, also, have obligations.’


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