Video Exposes ‘Clinton Deaths’ over the Years, Watch This Before lt’s Taken Down for Good…


Before you watch this video, we wanted to make sure that everyone that did take the time to watch it, understood that this has definitely come under scrutiny and major critique, as it should.

The sudden and mysterious deaths of more than 40 people in the Clinton inner circle over the years are part of a very revealing new viral video.

Millennials did not live through the Clinton years and know little to nothing about mysterious deaths that has long hovered next to Bill and Hillary’s names and created numerous scandals over the past three decades.

A significant number of members from the Clinton inner circle died in plane crashes.

How long would it take you, fellow patriots, to tick off the number of people you call friends who have also died in plane crashes?

Not very long, I imagine.

The Clinton body count list goes on and on and on. No one else in American history appears to have been linked to so many suspicious suicides.



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