VIDEO: Disrespectful man kneels during National Anthem at White House. This Happens Next


Disrespectful moment as man kneels during the National Anthem at the White House’s ‘Celebration of America’ event.

Was this the same man who heckled President Trump yelling out “Eagles!”? The man was booed according to reporters.

Somebody is looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Sad that they used this moment to do it.

CNN reporter April Ryan tried to spin the moment saying Trump was the one who was booed. She was quickly shot down by another CNN producer:

Breaking: reporters are rewatching the event and found a heckler in the crowd started asking questions of @realDonaldTrump and the heckler was booed. The heckler was escorted out of the event. The booes were for the heckler


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