VIDEO: Dad Hears Strange Noises Coming From Attic, Hides A Camera & Uncovers Disgusting Truth


Jerome and Ashley Kennedy live in a historic home in Pittsburgh with their 10-month-old baby girl. The couple’s home is attached to the neighboring house, which had been undergoing renovation.

One day, as Jerome was lying in bed, he began to hear noises coming from the attic space above him. He said, “I knew that somebody was up there.”

That’s when Jerome looked up and saw a flashlight shining through the vents into his bedroom. His worst suspicions were confirmed!

“Then I saw the light right through there, like it was searching for a place to look through.” Someone was in this family’s attic, and had been spying on their every move.

Jerome decided to personally investigate what was going on. So he installed a surveillance camera in the attic of his home.

Watch what he found:

How frightening!

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