Video: Comey Demolished at Book Signing: “You’re going to be locked up!”


Laura Loomer demolished fired FBI Director James Comey Wednesday at a book signing at a Barnes & Noble in New York City.

We couldn’t be happier that finally Comey got some REAL questions! He’s been doing the talk show circuit and it’s been one softball question after another…

Things got really HOT when the fired former FBI Chief asked for questions from the audience. Little did he know that Laura Loomer would be there to deliver some hardball questions.

Gateway Pundit reports:

“Why didn’t you disclose to President Trump that his opposition paid for the dossier?”


Then she yelled, “You are not an ethical leader!”

Loomer then went in for the kill shot with:

“Eleven lawmakers today, Mr. Comey, filed a criminal referral against you!”

The crowd booed and she was promptly removed from the room.

Loomer was referring to the letter Rep. Ron DeSantis and 10 other lawmakers sent to the DOJ Wednesday, criminally referring Comey, Hillary Clinton, McCabe and Loretta Lynch for their investigations into Trump.

Do you stand with Laura?

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