Video: Chris Rock Wants To See White Kids Shot Every Month


In his latest Netflix special, comedian Chris Rock says he wants to “live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are shot every month. I want to see white mothers on TV crying.”

Here’s the context from Slate:

Immediately he opens on the topic on which he made himself a culturally authoritative voice long ago: race. If cops wanted the public to think they’re not a threat to communities of color, he suggests, they should try shooting a white kid every so often, “just to make it look good.”

“I want to live in an equal world … I want to see white mothers on TV crying … standing next to Al Sharpton … talking about, ‘We need justice for Chad!’” He reveals he’s tried to become more religious, though he shuns organized worship. (People who attend church every week do it, he reasons, because they don’t trust God.)

And in a riff that might rub some parents and teachers the wrong way, he frowns down upon the concept of “zero tolerance” for bullies in school—“School is supposed to prepare you for life. Life has assholes. And you should learn how to deal with them as soon as possible.”—and dismisses

Here’s how some of his fans responded:

It would be interesting to see how Netflix will react to his special in light of the recent shooting in Florida.

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