VIDEO: Charles Barkley marked as “Black NAZI” for telling black people to stop killing each other


Folks, liberals are just crazy!

The Root, A left-wing website, labeled Charles Barkley a “BLACK white supremacist” because he says black people should stop getting angry over old statues and instead concentrate on not killing each other and getting an education.

Yes, they are calling him black NAZI!

“Why won’t Charles Barkley shut the f*ck up?” asks  Michael Harriot, the writer of the article.

“Is there anyone who thinks that Barkley’s statements about race reveal anything other than his repeated willingness to throw black people under the bus for our stupid unwillingness to assimilate into whiteness?” he rants.

“I think if you ask most black people to be honest, they ain’t thought a day in their life about those stupid statues. What we as black people need to do: we need to worry about getting our education, we need to stop killing each other, we need to try to find a way to have more economic opportunity and things like that,” said the former NBA star.

All this for the simple fact that Barkley told the black community to stop killing each other, get an education and leave the statues alone.


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