VIDEO CAPTURES Violent Protesters Turning On Media…TV Reporter Calls Unprovoked Attack: “The Scariest Moment Of My Career”


KTVI Fox 2, the TV station that appears to be sympathetic of the Black Lives Matter riots in St. Louis, found themselves on the wrong side of angry protesters today, after the innocent verdict for St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley came down today in the murder trial of Anthony Lamar Smith.

KTVI Fox 2 News showed their solidarity with the BLM movement when they retweeted a couple of tweets by one of the leaders of the BLM terror group, Deray McKesson. Both of McKesson’s tweets were intended to mock the decision made by Judge Timothy Wilson to exonerate Stockley.

Here is the second McKesson retweet by KTVI Fox News:

KTVI Fox 2 News got a surprise however when they attempted to infiltrate the protesters and found themselves in the middle of a situation that could have very easily ended very badly:

Scariest moment in my career. Protesters upset about not guilty verdict for an officer accused of killing a suspect, turn on me and media.

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