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VIDEO: Burqa-Clad Muslim ‘Refugee’ ATTACKS Police Officer, But Gets a NASTY SURPRISE!


There are two things that too many Muslim immigrants believe – that they can do whatever they want in our country, and that they can get away with it.

Under Obama, that might have been true in many cases. And perhaps that’s why so many Muslim immigrants continue to behave that way.

But a new era has dawned under President Trump, and the law of THIS LAND is going to be enforced.

Hysterical, burqa-clad Muslim “refugee” Carnita Matthews learned that lesson the hard way.

She was pulled over for a routine breath test and given a ticket for failing to display her license plate.

Matthews argued with the officer that he had only pulled her over because she’s Muslim. She then walks away saying, “he’ll be sorry.”

Later, this lunatic filed an official complaint against the officer, claiming he pulled her over after noticing her burqa, which she says the officer tried to forcibly remove.

Unfortunately for Matthews, she’s an idiot. Every police car these days is equipped with a dash camera, which recorded every second of the encounter.


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The officer did none of what Matthews claimed.

And so SHE was fined again and sent to jail for 6 months!

H/T Zootfeed

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