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VIDEO: BLM Protestors Learn the HARD WAY Not to Block Traffic


Black Lives Matter goons were taught by Obama to see themselves as entitled.

Most of all, they were taught to see themselves as entitled to disrupt YOUR life until they get what they want. Kind of like 5-year-old children.

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But with President Trump now at the helm, average Americans have had ENOUGH. This BRUTAL video compilation shows how more and more FED UP Americans are dealing with BLM protestors who think it’s OK to block traffic.

The message is simple – stand in our way, get run over.

If you want to protest, fine, but don’t bother me with your nonsense.

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And it’s not just angry motorists.

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Police are no longer going to let this childish behavior go unpunished.


The era of Obama is OVER. The rule of law is going to return to our streets.

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H/T Truth Monitor

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