VIDEO: “Big Joe” Thrashes Crowd of SJWS at Women’s March!


Big Joe” has taken the Internet by storm in a video that has been viewed by over 12 million people and shared nearly 350,000 times since it was released yesterday.

Media outlet, BasedInLA, filmed and released the original footage featuring an interview with Big Joe, as he observed the “Women’s March” in Los Angeles this weekend.

After The Millennial Post unleashed it on their Facebook page, it exploded in popularity.

“I see signs for ‘unity’ and ‘love’ and ‘peace,’ and yet at his inauguration they were burning a McDonalds, Starbucks, limousines, and there was anarchy in the streets,” Joe said. “What is this? He was elected rightfully by the majority of the country.”

“Political correctness is a disease,” Joe said, as the pro-abortionist shouted in his face. “Planned Parenthood is a racist system. Margaret Sanger thought very little of black people.

She thought they were ignorant, and shouldn’t exist, and shouldn’t reproduce… You want to be against racists? You should be against Planned Parenthood.”


H/T: InfoWars

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