VIDEO: Big Bully Starts Fight With Smaller Boy… A Flash In The Dark Proves It Was A HUGE Mistake


The despicable thing about schoolyard bullies is that they almost always pick smaller kids to pick on. After all, bigger kids tend to be stronger, and why spoil the fun by losing?

However, not all smaller kids are weaker, as this video definitively proves.

This fight, which seems to involve two older teens, showed that while the bigger guy picked the fight, he ended up getting a kick to the face that he never saw coming — and that was just the beginning.

In the video, the larger kid (wearing Chuck Taylors and what looks to be a pair of pants stolen from MC Hammer’s wardrobe) pressures the much smaller kid to fight.

At first it looks like a mismatch, but when the smaller kid lands a fierce kick on the bigger one, it quickly becomes apparent that the smaller kid knows Muay Thai.

Kick after kick, the bigger bully keeps on having to retreat, and his look of confidence disintegrates into the realization that he’s in way over his head.

While he tries to land punches, each time the the smaller fighter keeps on landing hard kicks and punches, at one point even turning the bigger kid around.

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