VIDEO: Berkeley Students Cheer Man Waving ISIS Flag, Then ATTACK Him for Waving Israeli Flag


Liberal hypocrisy literally knows no bounds. And there are none more hypocritical than the entitled snowflakes at liberal universities like UC Berkeley.

Earlier this week, they destroyed parts of their own campus in order to deny free speech to a conservative commentator.

Yes, the very same people who insist on tolerance and free speech. Denied it to another person.

Now, who’s the fascists?

Anyway, a Jewish filmmaker decided to see just how unhinged the students at Berkeley have become by conducted a little experiment.

First, he stood in the middle of campus casually waving an ISIS flag and shouting anti-America slogans.

The response? FRIENDLY INTERACTION from numerous students!

Then, the same guy whips out an Israeli flag and shouts pro-Israel slogans.

And the SAME STUDENTS immediately turn on and attack him!

H/T Only Simchas

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