VIDEO: Antifa Opens Fire On Crowd At Olympia Bus Station, Shoots Proud Boy


Antifa opened fire on members of the Proud Boys during a clash at the Intercity Transit Station earlier this month, according to police (video below).

The confrontation occurred at approximately 3 p.m. on Sept. 4 at the downtown bus station on State Avenue, Olympia Interim Police Chief Aaron Jelcick said in a press release on Friday.

Chief Jelcick said the Proud Boys and antifa “convened in Downtown Olympia intent on engaging in conflict with one another.”

He noted that the two groups “have a history” of such behavior, and alleged most of the people who showed up for the opposing gatherings were from other towns.

The Olympia Police Department (OPD) released surveillance footage that showed a group of Proud Boys following a mob of black-bloc-clad antifa into the Intercity Transit Station during the Sept. 4 confrontation.

While the rest of the antifa ran off, one member of the group stopped and fired multiple rounds at the Proud Boys, the video showed.

“We can confirm that the shots were fired by someone from the Antifa group, and the bullet struck a member of the Proud Boys,” Chief Jelcick said.

The Proud Boy member was hit in the ankle and transported to Providence St. Peter Hospital for treatment, The Olympian reported.

Media outlets identified the man who was shot as Proud Boys organizer Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, who hails from Portland.

Ahead of Chief Jelcick’s announcement Friday, antifa and leftists had been spreading online rumors that Toese had actually shot himself during the incident, The Olympian reported.

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