VIDEO: 11-Year-Old Trump Fan BEATEN While His Teacher WATCHED IT HAPPEN


This is just vile and disgusting.

How is it that a child in America can’t express support for his president without fearing physical violence in response?

And what’s really outrageous is that GROWN-ASS ADULTS who are tasked with educating and caring for these children are ENCOURAGING this violence!

The child in question was taking part in a mock election in his classroom. Trump was one of the choices, but, apparently, you weren’t supposed to actually vote for him. When this child did, he was attacked and viciously beaten – and the teacher LET IT HAPPEN.

This is the true face of Liberal “tolerance.”

The student is understandably afraid to return to school.

And while all the offending students have been suspended, there’s no word on what happened to the teacher, if anything.

You may disagree with Trump, and even teach children why you think his policies are wrong.

But if you don’t ALSO teach the true nature of democracy, then you are setting America up to become something else, something far darker.

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And physically assaulting someone because you don’t agree with their political choices is NOT DEMOCRACY.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

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