Veterans Across America are Saluting PROUDLY After What Trump Just Did For Them


President Trump loves our military. And our men and women in uniform love him.

Finally, a real commander-in-chief who appreciates their sacrifices, and is not too politically correct to LOUDLY say so.

And Trump’s not only honoring our military with words. He’s taking action, as well.

Incredibly, until now there was never an official day to honor the veterans of the Vietnam War.

Despite the fact that so many Americans fought and died in that war, it was such a hot topic for liberals that the government was too afraid to establish a National Vietnam War Veterans Day.

Trump is not afraid.

In accordance with the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017, the date of March 29 is now officially the National Vietnam War Veterans Day.

God bless our vets! And God bless President Trump for honoring them!

H/T Liberty Writers

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