Veganism Can Lead to Mental Retardation, Doctor Warns


A top doctor is now warning that the vegan diet touted by so many liberals can lead to mental retardation.

Honestly, that would explain a lot.

But we digress.

The story is out of Denmark, where Dr. Allan M. Lund, chief physician at the famed Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, has concluded that feeding children a vegan diet can have severe consequences.

Dr. Lund came to this conclusion after noticing the large number of children being treated at his hospital, which offers highly specialized treatment for a variety of conditions.

“Such a diet may involve developing different brain symptoms. With muscle weakness, poor contact and epilepsy. And in the long term mental retardation,” the doctor told local media.

Dr. Lund, like so many other medical experts, is cautioning parents against completely removing eggs, meat and dairy products from the diets of small children.

But, as liberals are wont to do, they don’t give a flip about science unless they can twist it to fit their agenda.

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