USPS Worker Caught Allegedly Fleeing To Canada With Undelivered Ballots


A U. S. Postal Service carrier was caught allegedly trying to cross the Canadian border with undelivered mail, including several absentee ballots, according to The Buffalo News.

Brandon Wilson was stopped while crossing Peace Bridge from New York into Canada at around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, The Buffalo News reported.

Border agents found over 800 pieces of mail that had failed to be delivered in the trunk of Wilson’s car while conducting a routine vehicle search, according to the Department of Justice. There were three absentee ballots found in the mail bin, federal authorities reported.

Among the mail found in Wilson’s truck were three absentee ballots, 106 political, 220 first-class, and 484 standard pieces of mail, according to The Buffalo News. The mail was sent between Sept. 16 and Oct. 26, according to NBC News. (RELATED: Three Trays Of Mail, Including Absentee Ballots, Found In Wisconsin Ditch)

Wilson told border agents that he did not intend to attempt to cross into Canada, but ended up in the wrong lane on I-190, leading him to accidentally end up at the Peace Bridge Port of Entry, per The Buffalo News.

Postal carrier arrested at Peace Bridge with mail in his trunk, including absentees https://t.co/Mii6FL587g

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