US Truckers Plan To ‘Squeeze’ Dc This Week With Freedom Convoy


“Freedom Convoy” protesters are expected to congregate in Washington, D. C., this week as U.S. truckers opposed to President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandates seek to emulate their Canadian brethren.

Bob Bolus, an organizer of one of the convoys, told local D. C. media that the plan is to “squeeze” the nation’s capital like a “boa constrictor” and shut down the city.

“We will be along the Beltway where the Beltway will be shut down,” he told WTTG-TV.

Bolus owns a truck parts and towing business in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He said he plans to leave for D. C. on Wednesday morning and head to the Capital Beltway.

There he hopes to join other trucker convoys that are making their way to D. C. this week like “The People’s Convoy,” which will leave from California on Wednesday.

“I’ll give you an analogy of that of a giant boa constrictor,” Bolus said. “That basically squeezes you, chokes you and it swallows you, and that’s what we’re going to do to D. C.”

Bolus told WTTG he’s unsure how many truckers will join him but said he’s heard interest from hundreds of people.

The California convoy is being organized by Marueen Steele, who told Newsweek that some 1,000 truckers will begin the trip east on Feb. 23. She said more will join the convoy as they cross the nation in a movement to “restore our nation’s constitution.”

Steele said that the convoy will begin in Barstow, California, and then head east along Interstate 40, but she would not disclose the specific location for security.

“The Canadian convoy was pretty organic when it happened,” she said. “Ours, they had a month’s notice, so our concern is disruptive groups coming in. We’re trying to just prepare for counter-protests and to take safety precautions for that.”

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