US Olympian Who Turned Back on Flag Comes Up Way Short of Winning a Medal


Gwen Berry, the left-wing activist and hammer thrower who famously protested the national anthem during a competition in June, placed almost dead last in the Olympic final on Tuesday.

Berry finished 11th out of 12 competitors, registering a distance of 71.35 meters — over four meters short of a medal.

Prior to her Olympic failure, Berry hinted that she might protest her own country on the world stage.

“I feel like I’ve earned the right to wear this uniform,” she said after making it through the qualifying round. If given the opportunity, Berry might have turned what should be a moment of personal and national triumph into a political spectacle.

“I’ll represent the oppressed people,” she said. “That’s been my message for the last three years.”

Berry had to resort to taking a shot at her detractors on Twitter after getting nowhere near the podium.

“People hate me when I succeed,” she tweeted. “People show me hate when I don’t. Either way.. my message still remains. I still will be an advocate for CHANGE and SOCIAL JUSTICE.”

No medal means no protest, and so Berry has been relegated to just another online radical. She joins the thousands of leftists who use the social media echo chamber to air their grievances about the perceived “systemic racism” in the U.S.

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