US Navy Announces Just How Badly Obama CRIPPLED Its Forces… This is Bad…


This is just unbelievable. Barack Obama was the worst president in US history in so many ways, but most importantly in that he severely weakened our military.

America relies on it’s naval air wing to rapidly project combat power around the globe.

But Navy officials now report that over half of all naval combat planes CAN’T FLY!

That’s because for eight years, Obama hamstrung the military and failed to provide the needed budget even to perform routine maintenance on these planes.

Defense News reports:

According to the Navy, 53 percent of all Navy aircraft can’t fly — about 1,700 combat aircraft, patrol, and transport planes and helicopters. Not all are due to budget problems — at any given time, about one-fourth to one-third of aircraft are out of service for regular maintenance. But the 53 percent figure represents about twice the historic norm.

The strike fighter situation is even more acute and more remarkable since the aircraft are vitally important to projecting the fleet’s combat power. Sixty-two percent of F/A-18s are out of service; 27 percent in major depot work; and 35 percent simply awaiting maintenance or parts, the Navy said.

President Trump has plans to significantly boost the US Navy, but it’s going to take time and a major financial investment, thanks to Obama.

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