US Military Just Bombed the HELL Out of ISIS in Epic Welcome to TRUMP


This is a sign of great things to come, and is very bad news for ISIS…

Just hours before President Trump took his oath of office, US bombers launched the most devastating attack on ISIS in years.

B-2 “stealth” bombers took to the skies over Libya and dropped a whopping 108 precision-guided bombs.

The attack wiped out a number of ISIS training camps and killed at least 85 terrorists.

Then the US military sent in drones to “clean up.”

Launching hellfire missiles, the drones eliminated another dozen or so terrorists trying to flee the scene.

With their new commander-in-chief coming into his role, the US military took to Twitter to issue and epic threat to ISIS:

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Obama? No way

CNN initially reported on the airstrikes. But, as we have come to learn, CNN can’t really be relied upon.

They claimed the strikes were the final military action of former President Obama.

But the reality is that they were the first military action of President Trump.

Obama may have technically approved the strikes. But he did so in order to save face as a much tough president was about to take office. How do we know? Because Obama never took such harsh action against ISIS before.

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It was the “Trump Effect” that pushed Obama to approve those airstrikes.

And it was their anticipation of President Trump that prompted the US military to put ISIS on notice that a new era has dawned.

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