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US Military Equipment Abandoned by Biden Now in IRAN


While Americans already know that a wealth of U.S. military equipment abandoned by the Biden administration had fallen into the hands of the Taliban, a new report suggests that an even worse enemy may have taken control of some of it.

As Saudi Arabia’s Al Arabiya News reported, images shared on social media appeared to show U.S. military armored vehicles in Iran.

The vehicles had allegedly belonged to Afghanistan’s army prior to the country being taken over by the Taliban, though Al Arabiya “could not independently verify the authenticity of those images shared on social media.”

Images shared on Twitter appeared to show Iranian army trucks transporting Humvees on a highway between Semnan and Garmsar, according to the Saudi outlet.

One Twitter user wrote in a translated post, “Transfer of American Humvees from Islamic Republic of Iran to Afghanistan to Iran * Location of photos: Semnan-Garmsar police station.”


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