US Marines Land in Syria, Have MASSIVE Surprise for ISIS


American boots are on the ground in Syria, and that has ISIS shaking in its, er, boots.

A senior US defense official confirmed the deployment to Fox News.

What that means is that President Trump is following through on yet another major campaign promise – the promise to DESTROY ISIS.

And he’s going right for their heart.

The detachment of Marines has landed just outside the ISIS capital of Raqqa in eastern Syria.

In the upcoming battle for Raqqa, the current Marine detachment will provide artillery support to a locally sourced infantry force, probably mostly Kurdish.

But should the battle take a bad turn, the US troops will be there to provide further support.

In a separate report, US defense officials told Reuters that President Trump is planning to deploy another 1,000-man strike force to Kuwait, again with the goal of destroying ISIS.

General Joseph Dunford, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that he has received order to provide Trump “with options to accelerate the defeat of ISIS.”

Nice to finally have a president who’s taking a proactive approach to defeating enemies like ISIS.

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