US forces just ran into a BIG PROBLEM in the war on ISIS, here’s what Trump’s doing about it


American forces are increasingly leading the fight against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria.

But they have recently hit something of a brick wall, and are calling on President Trump to intervene.

From the Daily Express:

While the US is pushing for harsher sanctions against North Korea, President Trump warned a “major, major conflict” was possible as tensions mount.

But the US bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria has left the US’s Pacific Command with a dangerous shortage of ordinance, said its commander Admiral Harris.

Such is the demand that he has had to loan large stockpiles of small diameter bombs and air-to-air Sidewinder missiles to Central Command, which oversees the air strike campaigns in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

American forces accounted for 79 per cent of the 24,150 strikes carried out against IS targets so far this year. Each strike involves multiple bombs, with 32,000 dropped in one month alone.

Now, we certainly want to make sure our forces in the Pacific are ready to go if war breaks out with North Korea.

But how refreshing is it to have a president who it GIVING HELL to ISIS? FINALLY!

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