US Border Patrol agent killed by ‘rock throwers’ near US-Mexico border [VIDEO]


Authorities were searching Texas’ Big Bend area for suspects and witnesses after US Customs and Border Protection agent Rogelio Martinez was allegedly beaten to death with a rock while on patrol.

According to officials, Martinez, 36, and his Big Bend Sector partner were responding to activity near Interstate 10, in the Van Horn Station area on Sunday, when both suffered serious injuries. 

Responding agents provided immediate medical care and transported both agents to a local hospital, where Martinez later died from his wounds.

Martinez had been a border agent since August 2013 and was from El Paso. According to social media posts, he is survived by his fiancee. 

‘We strongly believe rocks were what was used,’ NBPC Vice President Art Del Cueto told the station.

Next time a liberal reporter tells you complaining about Border Patrol returning fire on some poor illegal immigrant throwing little pebbles at them .. show them this! Watch:

H/T: Daily Mail

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