US Big Winner From Trade War With China


Who said President Trump can’t negotiate deals?

Well, according a new report, the U.S. will have a net gain of $18.4 billion from the trade war with China.

From dw.com

Voicing their frustration over the US administration’s protectionist policies, the bulk of European politicians from all mainstream parties have criticized Washington for its aggressive trade stance toward China, maintaining the escalated conflict between the world’s two largest economies can only produce losers.
But a study by research network EconPol Europe suggests such an assertion isn’t quite true — in fact, it isn’t true at all. The survey analyzes the impact of tariffs imposed by the US on China and the effect of China’s retaliatory tariffs.

In September, Washington imposed import duties affecting roughly 50 percent of Chinese products worth $250 billion (€219 billion), while China introduced tariffs affecting some $60 billion worth of imported goods.

No level playing field

The EconPol Europe study calculates that Chinese exporters are bearing approximately 75 percent of the costs, meaning that eventually a net gain of $18.4 billion will be added to the US economy.

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