United Nations PANICKING After President Trump Does THIS


President Trump has a lot of liberal institutions on the defensive, and it is just so fun to watch.

The United Nations joined that growing list this week after Trump declined to condemn Israel for building more homes for Jews.

Israel got the international community all hot and bothered after it moved forward with plans to build 2,500 new apartments in towns claimed by the Palestinian Arabs.

To be fair, it doesn’t take much for Israel to get the international community all hot and bothered. So, a reasonable president, like Trump, really shouldn’t get all worked up every time that happens.

The apartments in question will be built inside existing Jewish settlements. They in no way represent territorial expansion.

So, Trump didn’t say anything.

The UN responded by convening an urgent gathering of the Security Council to discuss Israel’s actions, and Trump’s inaction.

Fair Warning

But the United Nations is going to have to start to tread a little more carefully where Israel is concerned.

It was reported this week that Trump is preparing executive orders to pull American funding from any UN bodies that act against Israel.

That’s bad news for the UN, which relies on the US for at least a quarter of its overall funding.

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Israel couldn’t be more pleased.

“The Palestinians continue threaten us with additional unilateral actions and we will continue to battle these attempts,” said Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon. “We welcome any initiative aimed at thwarting these attacks.”

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