Unfunny Amy Schumer Gets AWFUL NEWS After Months of Trashing Trump


Mediocre Hollywood comedienne Amy Schumer managed to shove her way into the spotlight with vulgarity and hostility toward President Trump.

She became so visible that Netflix thought it’d be a good idea to give Schumer her own comedy show.

Millions were poured into producing The Leather Special.

But it’s not officially a MAJOR flop, average just one out of five stars.

Breitbart reports:

The one-hour special, which debuted on the streaming service on March 7, currently boasts an average rating of one star out of five.

“This past year, I’ve gotten very rich, famous, and humble,” Schumer says at the beginning of her unapologetically raunchy routine. She riffs about such subjects as how she came to grips with realizing her own beauty despite being called ‘very fat’ by Hollywood honchos, and how ‘gun nuts’ constantly fight against stricter firearms laws.

A week after its release, however, The Leather Special is a critical flop.

As The Federalist noted, of the 900-plus member reviews of the special currently posted on Netflix.com, more than 700 users gave it just one star. Some have even given the special zero stars.

Schumer was one of those Hollywood elites who threatened to leave America if Trump won the election.

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Sadly, she has not followed through on that promise, and instead continues to assault us with her bad comedy.

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