Undercover Woman Ask Election Official If Her DACA Boyfriend can vote: “We Got Tons of Them” [Video]


BY LAW…Only US Citizens are allowed to vote in our elections.

A Project Veritas journalist went undercover to two different polling places in Travis County, Texas, where she told election officials that her DACA recipient boyfriend (non-US citizen boyfriend) was in the car because he was frightened about voting, but wanted to come into the polling place and vote.

Both times, the female undercover journalist was met with stunning replies. The first election official that can be seen in the video, Deborah Brooks-Wims, was a bit more guarded with her responses to the young lady’s questions, as she attempted to ignore the fact that the journalist kept reminding the poll worker that her boyfriend was not a citizen, and the election worker repeatedly told her that it didn’t matter, if he had a valid ID he could vote.

In the second part of the video, the journalist can be seen again, going into a polling place and asking about her DACA boyfriend who was not a citizen, so he was nervous about voting because he’s not a citizen.

The election official, Pam Nash was a little less discrete about her willingness to allow to break the law. Pam attempted to look up her boyfriend in the system, as the journalist told her he was in the system but he knows that there’s an issue with DACA people voting. Ms. Nash was quick to reassure “the girlfriend”, telling her, “No, you tell him no. We’ve got a lot of ’em.” The journalist clarified, “You’ve got a lot of them?” Pam answered her, “Mmhmm. Early voter? We got tons of them.”

The journalist repeated what Pam just told her, “Tons of DACA voters?” Like a true activist, and without any regard for our laws, the election official looked up at the journalist and told her, “Go get him, and bring him in.” The journalist asks if he just needs a license and for the icing on the cake, she asks Pam to clarify that it doesn’t matter that he’s not a citizen? “No, Ma’am” Pam answers, as she adamantly shakes her head.


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