Undecided Lawmaker Visits The Border And Found Trump Was Right To Call For National Emergency


After returning from a recent deployment to the US-Mexico border with his National Guard unit, Congressman Adam Kinzinger said that while he initially was “undecided” on President Trump’s recent declaration of national emergency, he now supports the decision.

Rep. Kinzinger has remained one of the president’s critics among GOP lawmakers, however, after witnessing what he described as a “disturbing” scene at the southern border, he said during a Sunday interview that Trump’s declaration was warranted.

Detailing several instances of migrants in danger, as well as massive quantities of dangerous drugs seized, Kinzinger said he agreed that the porous border is a serious threat to American citizens.

“I do think this is a security threat,” said the Congressman, explaining that “It’s a security threat with the number of drugs coming over the border, and the human trafficking that I’ve seen.”

The issue of border security has left American lawmakers bitterly divided along partisan lines, leading to a weeks-long government shutdown and a declaration of national emergency as House Democrats continue to oppose efforts to bolster security.

On Tuesday, Democrats are set to vote on a measure attempting to block President Trump’s declaration of emergency, which Trump has signaled he will veto.

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