UH OH! Michelle finds out she wasn’t Obama’s first choice for wife


The worthless fake news industry has made much of the supposed love between Barack and Michelle Obama in a desperate attempt to turn them into “America’s sweethearts.”

But the ploy never succeeded. And now we know why. If Barack had had his way in the first place, he wouldn’t even be married to Michelle!

In the long-awaited Obama biography “Rising Star,” author David J. Garrow reveals that there was another woman to whom Obama proposed to, TWICE.

While Obama hardly mentions her in his own autobiography, he had a very long and very serious relationship with Sheila Miyoshi Jager during his college years.

He proposed to her at the height of their relationship, and Jager actually said YES. But her father shot down the idea of his daughter marrying such a loser.

When Obama proposed to Jager for a second time, she rejected him after noticing the rise of his dangerous ambition.

Garrow explains that around this time Obama realized that to ever become president, he needed to fully identify as an African-American (remember, his mother was white).

And so, Obama then started dating only black women.

In other words, his entire relationship with Michelle was one of convenience, a tactic to advance his political agenda.

Further proof that Barack didn’t really love Michelle?

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He CHEATED ON HER with Jager.

In the book, Jager tells Garrow that she “always felt bad about it.”

Source: Daily Mail

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