Uh Oh! Meryl Streep Could Go To Jail for What She Just Called Trump Supporters


Meryl Streep is leading Hollywood’s ultra-liberal charge against President Trump.

But on more than one occasion, she has taken things too far. And this time it could land her in deep trouble.

During her tirade at the recent fundraising gala for the Human Rights Campaign, Streep bemoaned the criticism she is suffering from “armies of brownshirts.”

The remark was a careful reference to Hitler’s Nazi party.

Yes, Streep thinks that anyone who disagrees with her views on President Trump must be a Nazi.

As Liberty Writers News points out:

“The irony to all this is the term ‘Nazi’ refers to someone who was a SOCIALIST in Germany as part of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. So Meryl Streep is more ideologically aligned with a Nazi than any Trump supporter.”

More than that, calling someone a Nazi with the intent of defaming them borders on hate speech, which is a punishable crime.

Liberals never hesitate to accuse conservative of hate speech for similar remarks, so why should they not also be held accountable?

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